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The Department of Telecommunication is charged with maintaining all of telecommunications and public safety communication needs For the Cayman Islands Government and its citizens.

For the Cayman Islands Government, the Office of Telecommunications provides:

Organisation and functions

Office of Telecommunications Mission Statement

The Office of Telecommunications (OfTel) serves through the Permanent Secretary, as the principal adviser to the Government on telecommunications policy making and in the management of the orderly growth of technological advances, in relation to the national telecommunications infrastructure. It is also responsible for implementing Government policies, by managing, coordinating, and providing services relating to the national telecommunications infrastructure. OfTel provides engineering policy and technical advice to the Ministry of District Administration, Works and Gender Affairs and other Government agencies, and the private sector on Telecommunications matters.

OfTel provides emergency response services to the National Security Committee and other organizations, that require maintaining an adequate level of preparedness and the deployment of telecommunications equipment and trained personnel.

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