Government Shares Transmission Tower

Published 16th January 2004, 12:0am

On 12 January government signed an historic agreement granting local company dms Broadcasting Ltd. permission to transmit via government's telecommunications infrastructure. Under the Information and Communications Technology Authority (ICTA) Law, the government is licensed to share its services and networks, including communication towers, with other ICT licensees. dms Broadcasting is the first private sector entity in Grand Cayman to take advantage of the government’s networks and will launch three new radio stations in early Spring. Attending the signing were Minister of Planning, Communications, District Administration and Information Technology, the Hon. Juliana O'Connor-Connolly; Permanent Secretary for the Ministry, Kearney Gomez; Telecommunications Officer Michael Kiron and VP/Market Manager of dms Broadcasting, Bob Woodward. Minister O'Connor-Connolly pledged her support for the government's telecommunication system saying: "My Ministry has built a strong telecommunications infrastructure and now we will benefit from a new source of income while giving ICT licensees such as dms Broadcasting the benefits of our experience and pre-existing infrastructure." Mr. Kiron added, "Our infrastructure proved its stability to the government and the community during Hurricane Ivan and we’ve shown we can provide equipment, bunkers, generators and towers that can keep vital information flowing." Mr. Woodward also expressed satisfaction with the new agreement: "dms Broadcasting is honored to be part of the government’s infrastructure. We examined all the tower and transmitter options in Grand Cayman and the government’s new tower offered the best technology to support our needs. We look forward to a long, mutually-beneficial relationship with the government." In the future, government may grant other ICT licensees such as mobile phone providers and radio broadcasters the right to share their network. dms Broadcasting is a subsidiary of dms Organization, a business conglomerate engaged in the financial services, retail, construction, real estate, and entertainment industries. The ICTA granted dms Broadcasting its broadcast license in July 2004. Government telecommunications services encompass all government departments and agencies, including the communications networks of the emergency services and the National Hurricane Committee.

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